Shaft power Limitation system

What Problem does it solve?

Predominantly ShaPoLi systems aid in achieving the necessary EEXI value for vessels which don’t fall under the scope of upcoming regulations, as they are the most cost-effective solution for this problem. 

The systems can be upgraded to more advanced versions, which save fuel and provide real-time measurements, that can be used for improvement and analysis of the operational profile.

EEXI & CII Compliancy through Power Limitation Solutions

Starting from 2023 the IMO’s Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index (EEXI) regulation takes effect and stipulates the efficiency level for existing ships already in service.

How does it work?

Shaft Power Limitation (ShaPoLi), as stated in MARPOL Annex VI, MEPC.335(76) EEXI regulations, is a system, where a torque transducer is attached to the propeller shaft that is continuously measuring shaft RPM and torque, effectively calculating the power output from real-time readings.

 The pure base of the system consists of the torque transducer (Shaft power meter, SPM), interface box and HMI display/-s. Additional options for equipment/machinery efficiency measurements, such as fuel oil meters and viscosity meters, can be added to the system, alongside interconnection of controlled pitch propeller to act as a dynamic tuning system (ShaPoLi system can regulate propeller’s pitch & engine RPM to produce best thrust with least expenditure of power), resulting in fuel economy upwards to 9%, vessel operation profile permanent stability and early identification of hull fouling.

How ShaPoLi compare to Mechanical solution?

Shaft Power Limitation (ShaPoLi)

  • Simple installation – no changes to the existing machinery is necessary, therefore overcoming the tight implementation time frame of requirements.
  • Can be fitted to any vessel, regarding M.E., Shaft, or other machinery make
  • Full engine power can still be used without restriction (via digital override), which represents substantial safety gain in various situations at sea.
  • Major concerns for shipowners, such as hull and propeller fouling can be spotted early, and preventive action taken.
  • Most economical solution to comply with the required EEXI value.

Engine Power Limitation (EPL)

  • Complex installation – disruptancy and part non-compliance of the main engine construction/or engine’s control system often leads to increase of the vessel downtime during installation.
  • Either EPL arrangement (Mechanical or Electronic) can’t be fitted to all engine types and makes.
  • For mechanically controlled engines the fuel index is physically locked, which can only be released by the removal of the sealing, creating immense safety issues.
  • No feasible gain/-s for shipowners other than power set-point is practicable.
  • Requires the interference with engine or machinery manufacturer.
  • High-priced.

We Offer Turn-Key Solutions

We offer Turn-Key solution for the Shaft Power Limitation (ShaPoLi) system, starting from review of the vessel profile and characteristics to physical installation and commissioning.

Installation and commissioning of the system is performed partially at initial port (installation of torque transducer) of loading/unloading and finished up and commissioned at sea, resulting in zero vessel downtime during assembly/testing.

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