Laser Scanning

Precise 3D capture of objects or environments

3D Modelling

3D models for industrial and architectural objects

Digital Twin

Integrating 3D models, documentation and all your systems in one single place

Sensor Integration

and Data Collection

Collect data that already is available within your machinery and use it to make smarter decisions

Collect data about vibrations, temperature, actual motor hours to prevent from costly system breakdowns

Allows to gain valuable insights and make fact-based decisions

Visualise collected data into our Digital twin software


Laser Scanning

3D Point cloud data comprising millions of accurately positioned points, along with a 3D Tour

Accurate dimensions of your space or equipment that can be used to make up-to-date 2D and 3D documentation

Incredible accuracy, capturing measurements up to 2mm precision

Whether indoors, outdoors or in complete darkness, our laser scanners can capture data reaching distances of up to 130m


3D Modelling

Precise visualisation of existing space or equipment, enabling accurate measurements, seamless system integration and remote accessibility

3D models can be used in Retrofit and Prefabrication projects, BIM, conducting simulations and even as base of a Digital twin

Create documentation for existing situation as 2D drawings, isometric drawings and P&ID diagrams

Depending on chosen Level of detail (LOD) receive a 3D model visualising even the tiniest screws

Digital Twins​

Software solution that seamlessly combines 3D models with various systems and documentation into one single place

Use it as a 3D model browser with asset documentation or enhance it with features like maintenance system, scada, analytics, and simulations

We offer full-scale integration, whether from scratch or with your existing features/systems

Our engineering expertise and in-house digital twin software development enable us to tailor solutions to meet your company’s needs

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