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Sensor Integration

and Data Collection

Sensor integration provides real-time data monitoring, allowing to gain valuable insights and make fact- based decisions. Sensors can monitor information like temperature, vibration, pressure, actual motor hours and more.
The machinery you currently possess holds a wealth of valuable data. Whether your equipment comes from the same manufacturer or different ones, our Digital Twin software can gather this information and aggregate it onto a unified platform.


By monitoring data real-time, organisations can make fact-based decisions, optimise processes, reduce waste, and improve resource utilisation. This efficiency results in cost savings and increased productivity.

Early detection of equipment issues through data collection allows for proactive maintenance, reducing downtime and preventing costly breakdowns.

Monitoring data from machinery can help identify potential safety hazards, ensuring a safer working environment for employees.


Applications are wide-ranging, but most beneficial in industries reliant on maintenance and seamless machinery operation. By having a constant pulse on critical parameters and performance metrics allows to reduce unplanned maintenances that is aim for any manufacturing company.

Furthermore, the collected data can be integrated with our Digital Twin software, enabling to visualise and manage complex systems. In today’s data-driven world, clients increasingly prefer real-time data over assumptions, improving operational accuracy and more informed and effective strategies.

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