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We’ve evolved over the years to provide the best experience possible for our clients, and for our people. Through our dedicated regional connections and the personal touch we bring to every project, we’re building more than just blueprints.

Marine Engineering

Ballast Water Treatment System

Marine Engineering

Ballast Water Treatment System

One of our valued clients requested a detailed engineering project, envisioning full pre-fabrication of spools and an accurate electrical wiring design. To assure these measures related to pipelines, the design was based on the 3D scan, with a point accuracy of 2mm. On the other hand, the electrical design was prepared by going deep into the detail of existing switchboard connections and possible placement of cable-carrying systems and panels. This included various rigid couplings, rubber joints and other flexible elements to the system pipelines. We ensured full pre-fabrication of the system; it was like putting Lego bricks together. We oversaw the small details, and ensured that all sections of the “chain” made the installation go smoothly, and without any delays to the initial vessel repair plan.

Vessel ANNA DORTE BWTS Engineering Design / Klaipeda

Vessel Trim and Stability

Our team prepared vessel trim and stability calculations for multiple cargo vessels in the client’s fleet. We utilized our expertise to conduct a comprehensive analysis and prepare the necessary documentation, taking into account to ensure compliance with all regulatory requirements.

Electrical/electronics Troubleshooting and repair

Our highly experienced service engineers have performed close to 100 electrical system service and machinery system commissioning jobs.

We also have expertise in repair, programming and refurbishment of marine electronics, ensuring both a longer lifespan for electrical equipment and providing our clients the most cost-effective solutions to reduce system downtime.

Digital Twins and 3D Modelling

for Industrial and Architecture Projects

Architectural Drawings from 3D Scan

Our team works with architectural objects to create 3D models and 2D drawings for buildings. In image above we used a point cloud from a drone, and recreated 3D model of about 13,000 m2 of roofs in the smallest detail for solar panel installation purposes.

Industrial Processing Plant from 3D Scan

From highly accurate and large scale 3D scans of industrial processing plants to detailed 3D models is first step to a digital twin, in which installation works of new equipment can be precisely planned.

Ships From 3D Scan

The marine industry is particularly demanding when it comes to high speed and accuracy. Laser scanning solutions with 3D modelling are must-have tools in reducing the risk of downtime.

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