Energy Systems

Powerplant Piping

We have designed tens of kilometres (more than 35km) of technological and heat pipe routing with diameters from DN6 to DN1200 mm on estacades, walls and underground. They carry various substances including air, water, steam, natural gas, biogas, substrate and digestate.

biogas power plants

We created technological and engineering solutions for a set of three biogas power plants with an electrical power output of 0,6MW, 1,2MW and 2,1MW respectively. On one station we installed a steam generator to recover exhaust gas heat and provide the processing plant with steam.

District Heating Simulations

We analysed a population city district heat system serving over one million people including its working conditions, with 23 heat sources and a total heat source power of 3745MW, and simulated its work in tens of variations. This was in order to develop a working and upgrading plan covering the next 10 years.

Sodium-Ion Battery Research

For a More Cost-Effective Storage of Energy

Sodium-ion batteries received much academic and commercial interest in the 2010s and 2020s as a possible complementary technology to lithium-ion batteries, largely due to the uneven geographic distribution, high environmental impact and high cost of many of the elements required for lithium-ion batteries. Chief among these are lithium, cobalt, copper and nickel, which are not strictly required for many types of sodium-ion batteries.

The largest advantage of sodium-ion batteries is the high natural abundance of sodium. This would make commercial production of sodium-ion batteries less costly than lithium-ion batteries


Across industries and around the globe, customers like you are considering energy sources to power their work and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. As they strive to achieve environmental and business sustainability while maintaining the highest levels of performance and productivity, we’re there—committed and ready to provide the solutions that address their energy and lifecycle value goals.

H2 Infrastructure & Fuel Cells
Power plant designs and solutions
Sodium-Ion Battery Research

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