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EEXI & CII Compliancy through Power Limitation Solutions

Starting from 2023 the IMO’s Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index (EEXI) regulation takes effect and stipulates the efficiency level for existing ships already in service.

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What Problem does this Solve?

To achieve compliance with the new EEXI requirements, many ships will need to make changes to their systems to improve their energy efficiency. Engine Power Limitation (EPL) and Shaft Power Limitation (SHaPoLi) ar the two possible overridable power limitation solutions that shipowners and operators might consider.

Shaft Power Limitation (ShaPoLi)

  1. Is a system, where a torque transducer is attached to the propeller shaft that is continuously measuring shaft RPM and torque, effectively calculating the power output from real-time readings.

  2. Can be fitted to any vessel, regarding M.E., Shaft, or other machinery make.

  3. Full engine power can still be used without restriction (via digital override), which represents substantial safety gain in various situations at sea.

  4. Does not require interference with engine machinery/propulsion systems.

Engine Power Limitation (EPL)

  1. Is achieved through various methods – adjusting propeller pitch, employing load control devices, or utilizing engine control systems to limit fuel flow.

  2. Either EPL arrangement (mechanical or electronic) can’t be fitted to all engine types/makes.

  3. For mechanically controlled engines that fuel index is physically locked, which can only be release by the removal of the sealing, creating immense safety issues.

  4. Requires the interference with engine machinery.

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Engine Power Limitation

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